Story from the table-hockey players life

This evening will belong to the match between hockey teams from Sweden and Finland. First, players test quality of ice during short warm-up.

Swedish players chuck-up their goalie during prepossession.

Now it's time for the national anthems.

Starting line-ups are ready for the game.

The game is ready to start.

Swedish forward is in a clear chance. Goalie tries to guard place near the post.

But player instead of shooting has passed the puck to the center. Finnish defenseman has only turned round at the direction of the puck.

Forward has decided to try a center move. Goalie is moving to the opposite direction and isn't able to catch the puck.

Goalie and a defenseman, who is also responsible for the goal, are sadly watching the puck which has stopped in the cage.

Swedish players are celebrating the goal, which gave them lead.

After several smaller chances puck went to the Finnish center - he is in the breakaway.

Though he passed the puck to the lone left winger.

Goalie has tried to move towards the post. That's why forward shoots immediately. From the reverse angle we can see, that the shot is accurately placed and goalie cannot stop the puck.

But the puck has stopped exactly on the goal-line - what a shame for the Finnish team!

Shooter is fuming and has threw away his hockey-stick.

Referee has sent off that player - minor penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct.

Sweden beats Finland. But in the next game, they will face the very strong Czech team, which is now relaxing.

The result of the game may also be in Your hands! A very good chance will be at the Prague Open, 1st May 2004. Welcome to Prague!

Noticed by Stanislav Kraus.